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AND GX-A/GF-A Series Multi-Functional Precision Balances


  •  Impact shock detection (ISD)*1 that visualizes what degree of impact shock is detrimental to the balance and allows users to take preventive measures as necessary 
  • Flow rate display (FRD)*2 that makes calculating and recording flow rates easier and more accurate
  • Auto precision assessment (APA) and minimum weight calculation using electronically controlled load (ECL)*1
  •  Cushioning under the weighing pan to mitigate impact shocks
  • Protection against vertical and transverse static overloading
  •  Flow rate comparator that indicates whether the flow rate is within the designated limits
  • Tare memory function that saves the tare value in non-volatile memory
  • Alert function to ensure that the measured quantity is not smaller than the set minimum weight
  •  Fast stabilization of approx. 1 seconD
  •  Large, front-mounted spirit level with LED illumination
  • Easy-to-adjust leveling feet with thumbwheels
  • Clearly visible, reverse backlit LCD display

AND FZ-CT/FX-CT Series Carat Balances


  • Removable, shatterproof breeze break with antistatic coating
  • Simple and clear reverse-backlit LCD display 
  • High-speed weighing with 2-scond stabilization 
  •  Compact foot print: 198 mm × 294 mm (smaller than an A4 sheet of paper)
  •  Rotary sliding doors requiring no extra space at the rear
  • Adjustable response characteristics to help cope with the effect of drafts and vibrations
  •  Multiple weighing units: ct, g, oz, lb, lb-oz, ozt, mom, dwt, grain, and a user-programmable unit for conversion applications (either tael, tola or Newton can be added upon request)
  • Counting mode with the Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) function
  •  Percent mode function
  • Animal weighing (hold) function
  • Statistical calculation function
  • Comparator function with buzzer
  • Auto power on/off function
  •  Underhook function
  • Carat pans in two different colors as standard accessories
  •  Built-in rechargeable battery (optional)

ANDEK-i Series Precision Balances


  • Trade Approved Balance
  • Three years warranty
  • Advanced, reliable, accurate weighing
  • Portable balance with capacities to 12kg
  • Large back lit LCD display with wide viewing angle
  • Standard RS232C data interface
  • Overload protected to take hard use
  • 9 built in weighing units plus counting and percentage software
  • Standard comparator function with LO/GO/HI indication
  • Full digital calibration with user definable calibration mass
  • Conforms with GLP standards
  • Stainless steel weighing pan
  • Optional rechargeable battery pack
  • Optional under hook weighing for 6000g and 12kg models
  • Leveling feet and level bubble for accurate weighing

OHAUS Adventurer Analytical Balance Scale


  • Maximum Capacity: 120 g
  • Readability 0.1 mg 
  • Pan Size 3.5 in (90 mm) 
  • Item Number: 30100600
  • Display: 4.3" (109 mm) Full-color VGA graphic touchscreen with user-controlled brightness
  • AC adapter (included)
  • RS232, USB Host, USB Device (included). GLP/GMP data output with real-time clock.
  • Metal base, ABS top housing, stainless steel pan, glass draftshield with two piece top mounted side doors and sliding top door, illuminated up-front level indicator, integral weigh below hook, security bracket, calibration lock, full housing in-use cover
  • Selectable environmental filters, auto tare, user selectable span calibration points, software lockout and reset menu, user selectable communication settings and data print options, user definable project and user IDs, up to 9 operating languages

OHAUS Pioneer® Plus Analytical Balances


  • Maximum Capacity: 85 g
  • Readability 0.1 mg 
  • Pan Size 3.54 in (90 mm)
  •  Item Number: 30208440
  • LCD with backlight
  • AC adapter (included)
  • RS232 (included)
  • Metal base, ABS housing, stainless steel pan, glass draftshield with sliding top door, weigh below hook, security bracket, in-use cover
  • Stability indicator, software lockout and reset menu, menu and calibration locks, up-front level indicator, auto tare, mechanical and software overload/underload protection, multiple application modes and units, user-selectable communication and printing settings, user-selectable span calibration points, auto standby

OHAUS SCOUT® STX Series Balances


  • Maximum Capacity: 120 g 
  • Readability: 0.001 g 
  • Pan Size: (LxW) 3.7 in (93 mm) 
  • Item Number: 30253005
  • Animal/Dynamic Weighing, Totalization, Density Determination, Display Hold, Mole Weighing
  • 4.3" (109mm) full-color VGA graphic touchscreen display with user-controlled brightness
  • AC Adapter (Included) or 4 AA Batteries (Not included)
  • RS232, USB Host, USB Device, Ethernet or Bluetooth® (available as an accessory)
  • ABS housing, stainless steel pan, ABS draftshield (1mg models only), weigh below hook, transportation lock, manual calibration lock switch, security slot, adjustable leveling feet, illuminated up-front level indicator
  • Stability indicator, stackable design with included storage cover (excluding 1mg models), mechanical and software overload/underload protection, low battery indicator, auto shut-off, auto tare, span calibration mass included on models up to 620g capacity